Arrived in Paris in the 1970s, Raphaël Roux dit Buisson first experiences it with African art that will launch his career as an art consultant.
With the right knowledge of the materials used, he discovers that he has a very special sense for the intelligence of the shapes. An approach that brings back the artistic importance of those sculptures, their influence in the modern revolutions of the occidental art.
Following that logic, his activity will naturally grow towards avant-garde painting, from the post neo-classical era until our 1960s contemporaries, for which he is today a recognized expert.

Camille Roux dit Buisson

After working a few years in the Fashion Industry as a PR and events Manager, Camille Roux dit Buisson joined her first passion, art, in 2018, at the occasion of La Biennale Paris, in which she participated with her father, Raphaël Roux dit Buisson.
Since then and as a young art dealer, she has been working on the development of Du Lac Fine Art: sales, communication tools such as websites (Du Lac Fine Art and Jacqueline Marval), social media (@dulacfineart), and on the development of Jacqueline Marval’s recognition in France and…

Jacqueline Marval

Is it possible to ignore the art of Jacqueline Marval in the evolution of French painting at the beginning of the XXth century? She was, without a doubt, an artist whom did bring a lot to the young generation of fauvism. 
Raphaël Roux dit Buisson is today specialized in this great artist, whom work often appears within those of her most lustrous piers ; Matisse, Manguin, Marquet, Rouault, Camoin, Charles Guuérin, Flandrin...) - whom often admired her and became her friends. 

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