Raphael Roux dit Buisson - Du Lac

About Raphaël Roux Dit Buisson

Art catalyzes meetings. Arrived in Paris in the 1970s, Raphaël Roux dit Buisson first experiences it with African art that will launch his career as an art consultant.

With the right knowledge of the materials used, he discovers that he has a very special sense for the intelligence of the shapes. An approach that brings back the artistic importance of those sculptures, their influence in the modern revolutions of the occidental art.

Following that logic, his activity will naturally grow towards avant-garde painting, from the post neo-classical era until our 1960s contemporaries, for which he is today a recognized expert,

First based in an office near the Hôtel Drouot in Paris, where he bounds with clients and amateurs, he opens the Galerie Thomire in 1990 at the Louvre des Antiquaires (75001, Paris), gallery specialized in the XIX and XX centuries paintings. Raphaël Roux dit Buisson advises collectors for 25 years at the gallery, and still does today, using a lighter structure. Thanks to his competencies and relations, he promotes their collections, loaning artworks to international exhibitions or selling them to institutions or other collectors.

Within the scope of his work, a special meeting will guide his path. Artist Jacqueline Marval (1866-1932) who, arrived just like him from Grenoble to Paris, will give him the project of gathering a collection of her pieces. Raphaël Roux dit Buisson gives her back what her historical importance deserves.

Within the fauvism movement ambitions, Jacqueline Marval shows the importance of a woman in a men movement, whose archives shows us the creative exhanges. Her close friends were no other than Matisse, Marquet or Flandring. Her most expressive spectators, Apollinaire or Andry-Farcy. If her path that could be described as a lead role in French painting, history - or those who write history - have decided otherwise. Assisted by his daughter Camille Roux dit Buisson, Raphaël Roux dit Buisson’s approach is to bring her back in history.